The 1 in 4: Helping Families Say Goodbye

My name is Casie Speaks and I am a Funeral Director at Resthaven Funeral Home. I get the dreaded phone calls every day that a sweet angel has passed away. Yes, it’s our job to take care of grieving families, but when infants pass away it’s a different type of arrangements and care for that family. Being a mother of two myself, I wait on almost every infant family who comes through Resthaven’s door. Why you may ask? I feel like it’s a different touch when it’s a “mother’s touch." A mother who has just lost a baby never wants to give a funeral director their child’s clothes, or the toy and blanket that will be placed in his or her casket. It’s called patience. It’s a must when making infant

The 1 in 4: The Washington Family

When my wife and I finally decided to try and have a baby after a few years of being married, we didn't know that the journey would be this long and difficult. My wife, Natasha, had already experienced miscarriages and infant death many years prior to our marriage. So, she was far too familiar with the pains and heartbreak that these losses brought. We tried to conceive naturally, but after months, we weren't successful. So we went to the doctor and found out her tubes were badly damaged and blocked. She had a procedure to try and unblock them, although the damage was severe. Again we tried but were unsuccessful. We were faced with the reality that if we were to have children, it would have

The 1 in 4: Maddry Grace's Ladybugs

As I sit here and write this on my son's 2nd birthday, it, like so many other special events and holidays, is bittersweet. Today the bitter comes from not having my sweet girl here to sing “Happy Birthday” to her little brother. The sweetness though, is knowing that through our storm came this precious 2-year-old little boy. And so looking back, here begins our story… Early March of 2014, my husband and I stood in our living room and revealed a test that would change our lives forever. We could not wait to tell the world we were having a baby! Two months into our pregnancy we got the wonderful news that my sister would be having a baby as well. A sister’s dream, right? We would get to share

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