The 1 in 4: Dear Grieving Dad

People talk a lot about how to handle grief after the loss of a child. This blog, in fact, has a ton of great resources if you need it. But what people don’t talk much about is how to handle happiness. As a guy, I think that’s where I struggled most. See, the grief and the anger I expected. My son had died. I was supposed to be mad, supposed to be heartbroken. That felt “normal.” But as time grew on and other emotions slowly started to make their way back to the surface, I didn’t know how to process those feelings and my grief turned into my guilt. Our son, Julian, was 33 days old when he passed. He had a rare chromosomal disorder so we were “prepared.” My wife and I had done the counseling

The 1 in 4: #TwinsTilTheEnd

When I was first approached about writing a blog for Anna’s Grace Foundation, I immediately said yes. What better way to honor my twin boys and give back to an organization that has done so much for me and my family. However, during the time between my initial response and actually sitting down to put my thoughts on paper I became apprehensive. While reading through the journeys of the other families, with tears in my eyes and my mouth hanging open in anguish, I wondered how my blog would be received. The father’s experience with infant loss will always pale in comparison to the mother’s, at least in my view. I never felt our children kick in my womb or respond to the sound of my voice. I n

The 1 in 4: My Beloved Briar Paul

A tiny life that spoke without ever saying a word How does one even begin to speak of their darkest moments, to be so vulnerable in a world full of judgement at every turn? How does one speak of their brokenness, their deepest pain, that only the ones that have experienced can truly understand? Child loss, stillbirth, miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome, just the mere thought of these words send me into despair and deep sorrow. There will always be a before Briar died and an after Briar died. It is like I have lived two lives. The first full of hopes and dreams and the second full of reality and sorrow. I am so tired of seeing all of these posts about the hopes of the New Year. “Tomorr

The 1 in 4: 300 and Counting

With the new year upon us, many of you are probably like me: staring at the blank pages of a new calendar, filling in important appointments, and circling dates to remember. One date that I hope you will circle is March 24th – the date of the 2019 Anna’s Grace Quarter Marathon. Over the next few weeks, our blog will feature stories from members of the 1 in 4, families who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. They will tell you why they are participating in our running event and why it is so important to them. Their individual accounts will give insight into the personal effect the Quarter Marathon has, but I’d like to take a moment to paint the “big picture” of what YOUR

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