The 1 in 4: Team Tassin

In 2015 I found out I had a small chance of having more children. So we started on a fertility journey full of plenty of ups and downs. I went through surgeries and lots of medicines, just praying for two pink lines. In 2016 we got pregnant with a baby girl, had a rough pregnancy, but delivered a healthy baby May 2017. Then, a few months later I felt off and we joked I was pregnant. So I took a test. (Anyone who goes through fertility knows you have a million test on hand at every given time.) I took the test and two pink lines showed up. We were in shock since we were told we couldn’t have more kids, and to conceive naturally was a blessing. We had two girls and wanted a son. All other preg

Hope & Healing | Grieving Differently, Together

Grief is an inevitable part of life. Although everyone will experience it, no two people will share the same response to a loss. Infant or pregnancy loss is especially difficult. One of the most challenging things about grieving after this type of loss is that you and your partner will not react the same way. Conflict within a relationship can arise if your partner does not appear to feel or express their sadness in the same way as you. You may become angry or resentful if you believe your partner moved on too fast or did not show as much grief as you. Although everyone grieves in their own way, it has been established that there is a female and male model of grief. Understanding these diffe

The 1 in 4: Axel Wyatt's Warriors

When I was asked to write for the Anna’s Grace blog, I was so excited and immediately said yes. Throughout this journey, I have found solace in reading quotes, poems, and stories from other parents. Their emotions, their experiences, and their thoughts – it helped me to feel not as alone. Because of that, this post is raw, it is real. I wrote this in hope that if another grieving parent reads this, they too, will find solace. Everything about my experience was traumatic, from his birth to the NICU stay to, of course, his passing. I knew that there was so much I wanted to say, about my son, about my journey, about grief. But how do you even begin to formulate the words of such a deep, inconce

The 1 in 4: Aiden

I’ve told Aiden’s story hundreds of times over the past 10 years, usually on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group hosted by Woman’s Hospital. However, aside from writing a letter to him in his journal apologizing for the misfortunate events, I have never actually written his story down until now. Shortly after our loss, while driving past the hospital where he died, the song “Broken” by Lifehouse came on and the lyrics really stood out to me: I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing With a broken heart That's still beating... I'm hangin' on another day Just to see what you will throw my way And I'm hanging on to the words you say You said t

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