When Grief Spills Over

Grief bursts are real. It has been over 7 years since we lost Anna, and I thought that I had a pretty good grip on my grief. For years now, I have been able to speak with hundreds of families about the loss of their babies without allowing my own grief or memories to sneak in to steal away my calm demeanor. I have been able to share Anna’s story with friends, family, and countless strangers without shedding a tear. But today, today that façade burst. I wasn’t doing anything particularly special. Just putting a drawing that my 5 year old had created into his “memory box.” As I was closing the lid, it hit me like a ton of bricks; and I fell into a heap on the floor unable to keep the emoti

The 1 in 4: Kaleb Paul and Ezra James, Our Angel Babies

Let me begin with an introduction, I am Melissa Pinkston. My husband Joshua and I have 2 living boys Eli (8) and Noah (5). We have twin baby boys in Heaven, Kaleb and Ezra. I am also currently 8 months pregnant with our 5th child. In 2018, we discovered we were having fraternal twins. It was the best pregnancy until it wasn’t. On Monday morning August 27, 2018, at 19 weeks gestation exactly, I woke up around 7 a.m., my water broke for Baby A. I was in complete shock. Josh and I raced to Woman's Hospital to discover Baby A had very minimal fluid. Baby B on the other hand was perfectly healthy. On the second day, Wednesday, August 29, I was receiving my discharge papers to go home on bedr

The 1 in 4: Our "Things"

2016 was the year of changes in my life. On April 23, I married my husband Eugene. Life was good and things were going great! I found out I was pregnant some time in July. We were ecstatic to be adding to our family. I scheduled my first doctor’s appointment for August 15, 2016. I joked with my doctor about the possibility of me having twins. He smiles, laughs and says “we will see.” At my September appointment, I had my very first ultrasound. And to all of our surprise...TWINS! I was nervous and excited about all of the possibilities. I knew that my medical issues could cause some problems. My wonderful doctor referred me to the local maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) doctor. I had regular appo

The 1 in 4: Continuing Anna's Legacy

In the early days and weeks that followed the loss of Anna, there were two things that tore at my heart: the pain of remembering her and the fear of others forgetting her. While I always loved to hear her name spoken, my reaction was always two-fold. Her name was a reminder of what had been lost – the hopes and dreams we had for our child. It was painful to remember her. But at the same time, I had a deep fear that she would be forgotten, that others would not see that her little life had value, that it had meaning, that the world was somehow changed because of her very existence. That’s what ultimately led us to create Anna’s Grace Foundation. We wanted to establish a legacy for Anna so th

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