Planning to Say



A guide to the end-of-life

planning process



Many parents who

lose a baby

have never made

funeral arrangements

for a loved one.  


Anna's Grace  worked with 

area hospitals, funeral homes

and cemeteries to create

an end-of-life planning guide

for parents. 




Honoring babies by providing grave markers



Some parents were not

able to afford a

grave marker for their baby 

at the time of their loss.


Each year, Anna's Grace identifies two families who were not able to place a marker at their baby's gravesite and provides assistance in obtaining a marker to acknowledge their babies by name.




Providing support for 

end-of-life expenses


End-of-life expenses

for a baby are generally not covered by insurance.

Such unexpected costs

can be overwhelming

for grieving families.


Anna's Grace

will provide, in part or in full,

the cost of the baby's burial or cremation regardless of the family's ability to pay.  (subject to available funds)