The 1 in 4: Love for J-Dub

It was the dawning of a new year, on the very last day of 2016 to be exact. My husband and I had been discussing our future a lot lately. We had hit a lot of milestones together like graduating college, getting married, finding good jobs, and buying our first home. Though there was still something missing -- one major milestone we were anxiously discussing -- a baby. The time finally felt right to start a family. We had just spent the summer remodeling our new home and had the perfect spare bedroom to fill with the joys of a little one. The enchantment that came with the idea of having a baby surrounded my every thought.

On the morning of March 25, 2017, we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test. Being that this was the

day after my birthday, we decided to spread the news with all of our closest friends and family at a crawfish boil we were hosting. The excitement was too much, we couldn’t hold on to the secret for long. Tears of joy were shed by the expectant grandparents and our friends were just as excited for the upcoming addition. Though rain clouds and thunderstorms loomed over our party, they didn’t stop us from celebrating the most special of occasions. Jokes of “daddy’s little hunting buddy” or maybe “mommy’s little princess” were made as we laughed and dreamt about the future.

The pregnancy was effortless. Minus the the occasional nausea during the early stages, this even subsided about halfway through. On a stormy summer day at 15 weeks gestation we discovered we would be having a bouncing baby boy! For the first time in our marriage, I saw tears in my husband’s eyes from his elation. The hunt for everything blue instantly began as I so quickly collected every precious baby boy onesie I could find. Despite more summer rain, our gender reveal party was full of excitement as well. Our little love would be the first grandchild for my parents, and the first boy on my in-laws; side. He was so loved already.

I felt the first of John Weston’s kicks at 19 weeks. Like little butterflies in my tummy, I remember laying on the bed for most of the day dreaming of what he would look like. I stayed home and messaged my husband and mother every time he would change positions out of pure amazement. The next week at our 20 week anatomy scan everything looked perfect. Our John Weston was measuring 2-3 weeks ahead on the growth chart, “Gonna be a big boy!” the doctor said. His daddy and I were beaming with pride.