Maddry's Story

As I sit here and write this on my son’s 2nd birthday, it, like so many other special events and holidays, is bittersweet. Today the bitter comes from not having my sweet girl here to sing “Happy Birthday” to her little brother. The sweetness though is knowing that through our storm came this precious two-year-old little boy. And so looking back, here begins our story...

Early March of 2014, my husband and I stood in our living room and revealed a test that would change our lives forever. We could not wait to tell the world we were having a baby! Two months into our pregnancy we got the wonderful news that my sister would be having a baby as well. A sister’s dream, right? We would get to share the most amazing feelings and changes that were going on with our bodies together. We spent hours and hours talking about our babies’ futures together. We just knew that they were going to be inseparable.

During the summer, we found out that my little peanut was a baby girl. There are not enough words to describe how thrilled I was to be having a little girl. A pact that my sister and I made when we were younger was that whoever had a girl first could use our maiden name. So, there in my belly, was our sweet Maddry Grace. Not long after we found out the sex of Maddry, we got news that my sister would be having a baby boy. A girl and boy, so close in age, was a dream come true. We just knew they were going to conquer the world together. We had so many coordinating clothes for our little ones... they were sure to be the cutest babies around. My mother and father were so thrilled not only to become grandparents but to have both of their daughters share such a blessing together.

October came so quickly, and that’s when our lives were turned upside down. It all happened so quickly, literally within the blink of an eye. My entire pregnancy had been so easy. I had the normal pregnancy side effects, but overall I went through all nine months with no problems whatsoever. It was October 21st, early morning, that I started to feel something different than I had ever felt before. Cramping about 10 minutes apart, I woke my husband up and said “Hey, don't freak out, but I think I'm having contractions.” He immediately threw the covers off, let our puppy outside, and ran back in asking if I was ready to go.

Once we got to the hospital, they evaluated me, and sure enough, we were having a baby! I was so excited, and surprised, it’s not like they show on the movies... I had no idea that my water had even broken! We both called our parents, and not long after that we were in a room impatiently waiting for Maddry to grace us with her presence. My sister came to wait it out with us in the room. As we waited, she applied my make up so I could be ‘picture perfect’ for my picture perfect little girl. If we only knew then how life would play out a few hours later.

My doctor came by to check on me around 5 p.m., and told us I still wasn’t quite ready yet, and let us know he would be back in a bit to check again. About an hour after he left, my nurse came in to check my progress. That was it. It was time to begin pushing! I wanted my mom and my sister in the room with us. My sister was in charge of getting this miracle on tape. I had done three rounds of pushing, when a nurse frantically came running from outside, and said we had to stop. They could no longer hear our baby’s heartbeat... You can imagine the reaction I had, I felt so scared, completely helpless, as they rushed me into the operating room to perform and emergency c- section. My mom and sister were left to only p